Friday, February 20, 2009

Flying the coop...

Bird house in my Japanese Maple.

Hubby and I are going away for the weekend. We made plans to attend a prophecy conference months ago. Timing is not so is a huge issue...but the tickets were already paid for and, quite frankly, we NEED TO GET AWAY. We NEED a change of scenery. Bad. So...we're going. I'm packing...getting the boys ready to stay with my mom and dad for the weekend...packing food for us so we don't have to eat out...and getting everything squared away so we can just go and enjoy ourselves.
This is where we're going.
We were drawn to it because Rick Pino is going to be providing the worship. And we REALLY like Rick Pino. Have you heard him? No? I urge you to go give him a'll be moved. You won't look at worship the same...he sings your hearts cry. It's amazing. Listen to "Your Love is Like". I promise you will not be disappointed.

Timing is bad. I mean, come on, it's a bad time. Everyone is feeling the pinch. But God is bigger than the economy. He's bigger than our pocketbooks. He's bigger than the Dow. He's bigger, period. He's God. And He's in control. He's got me in the palm of His hand...and under His wing.
We need a refreshing. And honestly...maybe the timing is perfect.

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