Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sweet Rosie Kitty

Rosie, doing what she does best.
This is my cat, Rosie. I got Rosie when I had my first apartment on my own. She was 8 weeks old when I got her...and SO cute.
Rosie is now almost 16. She'll be 16 in April. And she is one spoiled cat. She and my youngest son, Ian, have quite the bond. She bosses him around, he does what she "says", and they get along fine. It's very sweet, actually.
What's NOT sweet is that she will NOT use the pet door we installed for her. Ever. And I don't like to have a litter box in the house. So...when she has to use the bathroom in the middle of the night she stands at my bedroom door (or on my head if I don't wake up from the meowing!) and meows...or claws at the carpet because she KNOWS that will get me up in a hurry...and I, begrudgingly, get up, at 4am, and let her out. It's like having a newborn. I rarely get a full nights sleep...unless I lock her out at night. Which I sometimes do...but then I get busted and someone (who shall remain nameless...ahem) lets her in because they think it's mean to leave a 90-something (Right? In cat years? Work with me here.) year old cat outside in the elements all night.
Well...that's easy for them to say. They get to sleep the night through!
She's lucky she's so cute!

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