Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I heart grey skies...

Grey dreary weather is my absolute favorite. There's nothing better than a rainy day. Especially if you can stay indoors and read garden catalogs and make soup. The best.

I took this picture the as I was driving to a meeting at church last Sunday. I had read somewhere about silhouette shots and thought I'd try my hand at it...while I was driving...ahem.

Don't worry...I was watching the road...and not my subject. Just holding my camera up and shooting at random. It's always interesting to see what I come up with.

Like this one...random shot as I'm driving over the overpass. Kind of cool. If you kept driving down this highway you'd be in San Francisco in a little less than an hour.

Or what about this one...look at those clouds?! Amazing. Beautiful. Ominous. I love it. I think I could live in Seattle or Portland and be just fine all the time with rain every day. I love it that much.

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