Saturday, September 6, 2014

slow Saturday...

It's Saturday and I'm doing my usual, sipping coffee, catching up on blogs, doing a little blogging of my own and not rushing. Not that I rush during the week, I'm not a good rush-er no matter what day it is. I need time. I wake up early just so I can have time to putter, read, sip coffee, listen to Joyce Meyer and the news and wake up slow. Rushing stresses me out. And gets me off to a rough start. So I make sure that I don't have to.

We're going to head to a gathering later this afternoon...Chris told the host I'd bring pasta salad. I'm getting it going early...that way it's nice and chilled and the flavors have time to settle in together. I keep it pretty simple...tri-color rotini, red onion, bell pepper, olives, some tomato, maybe some parmesan cheese and whatever bottled vinaigrette I have on hand...I think I've got a Newman's Own in there that will be tasty.

In the meantime I guess I'll do the usual around here....tidy up a bit, tumble some laundry, wipe down surfaces and vacuum floors...the leaves are falling outside and we track them in faster than I can sweep them up. The price you pay for a gargantuan shade tree, I suppose.

We went to dinner at mom and dad's last night, an impromptu gathering. They remodeled their kitchen recently and are getting rid of lots of stuff so I went through a few boxes to see what I "needed". guessed it, nothing. I needed nothing. But did that stop me from bringing home a giant bag of stuff? No. No it didn't. I tried to keep my choices useful...things that I will actually use. And I did good, I practiced restraint. I did. But I also grabbed an item or two that aren't useful, but they are special.

One item is a cute plate that Noni got for mom as a gift years ago (it has a chicken on it!) and the other is a vintage light-up Christmas tree that was my dad's aunt's. I actually can't wait to display it at Christmas.

Hold on. Wait. Wait just a minute. Did I just say "I can't wait" in reference to anything Christmas?

Oh dear...this could be bad. I better go take my temperature...something must be wrong with me!

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Tracey ~ Clover said...

I do not do the rush thing very well either and always make sure it isn't part of my day.
Christmas? It will be here soon won't it?
Enjoy the rest of the weekend.