Monday, September 1, 2014

September 1

Bear in Noni's water fountain. 

It's September. Already. That means Autumn is coming ( comes a lot later around here, but it gets here eventually). I breathe a sigh of relief just thinking about it. I'm so looking forward to cool, crisp air, gray skies and rain, rain, rain. We didn't get near enough rain last winter.

I know...some people think it's weird. But I can't help it..I love the rain. Always have.

Today is a bonus day off...and I'm grateful for it. I think we should switch to a four day work week across the board. When I was a counselor in a group home I worked four, ten hour shifts then had three days off. It was great. One day to work, one day to play, one day to rest. And when it was time to return to work, I was ready. I don't suppose I could convince our entire society to switch?

So on this bonus day you will find me preparing food for this week's meals, doing a bit of laundry, blogging, demanding a few shows that I missed last week and maybe watching a movie. It's a good day to stay inside as it's supposed to hit 100 degrees. Bleh.

I actually made a loose menu plan for this coming week. I am finally planning meals, just not saying what day I'll make them. (Ha! I'm getting closer!) There will be crock pot ribs, kielbasa and fried potatoes, pastrami paninis and oven baked tacos.

I did a big grocery shop with a friend yesterday and as I crammed even more food into my already full upright freezer I realized that next week's menu plan needs to use up what we already have. Well, next week's menu, and the week after that, and the week after that, and maybe even the week after that! I tend to stock up on meat when it's on sale. So let's just say, I've got plenty to choose from.

And just out of curiosity, do you ever grocery shop with a friend? I gotta tell ya, it sure takes the drudgery out of that chore. I shop with a friend periodically and I really like it. It's a good way to multi-task...time with a friend and getting your chores done. It's even more fun if you throw in a lunch date or grab a coffee along the way.

Anyway...that's about all I got for right now...gonna make the most of my bonus day. I thought to maybe head out of town for the day, do something fun, but the idea of fighting traffic and crowds didn't appeal to me. I'm not big on doing big things on big weekends. I'd rather do something big when nobody else is. Such a party pooper, I know.

Not to mention, it's hot. I though a hike would be fun, or a canoe ride or something outdoors.'s just too dang hot. So...staying home and cooking and scrubbing it is. Doesn't that sound so much better?!

Enjoy your Labor Day...xo


Denise said...

we make a point not to go anywhere on holiday weekends...too busy and the traffic, yuck!

I can't believe it is still so hot there :( it has cooled down here, forecast is for 80's again by the weekend.

I honestly would not like to grocery shop with a that weird?

Camille said...

I'm with you on avoiding the crowds...we like to drive out of town when everyone else is driving in! :) Yippee for the meal plan!! I hear you on the plan without days assigned....I like it that way, too. Hugs, Camille