Tuesday, September 9, 2014

anxiously awaiting fall.

Donner...where temps are always cooler.

I am so ready for fall. SO READY. I'm ready for cool mornings and gray skies and rain. I'm ready for pots of soup and roasting dinner in the oven. I'm ready for closed toe shoes and sweaters. OK, maybe not close toed shoes, I'm never ready for those. But everything else? Ready. (Broken record, I know. But I can't help it. I'm so over summer!)

Unfortunately, the weather man doesn't agree as we are in for hot temperatures for another little while, hovering right around 95 for the next week or so (at least). It's not uncommon for it to be hot here even on Halloween. Or, it could rain. You just never know. With that in mind, I guess we could have to deal with hot weather for another 6 weeks or so. Oh, how I hope not!

Even still, changes are happening...the garden is withering away, the light is changing, the mornings and nights are cooler, there is moisture on the windshield as I head off to work. It's happening. It is. Just ever so slowly...

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