Tuesday, February 7, 2012


An old photo...this is my kind of sunshine.

The skies are gray. It's raining. And I...am happy. So are the broccoli and collard plants, I'm pretty sure. The chickens? Mmm...not so much. They're hiding out in the coop.

Speaking of the free loaders chickens...I was right in my suspicions. Since I've been letting them out of their pen to scratch around the yard a bit every other day or so they've been giving me an egg a day. Doesn't sound like much, I know. But for the winter? It's not bad. (Those girls, I tell ya, they're not as dumb as some say. They definitely work on the reward system. As in they reward me. Locked up? No eggs. Let us out. Eggs. Whatever.)

I roasted those pumpkins yesterday. Today I plan on making pumpkin bread with some of it today and maybe some butternut/pumpkin soup a la Ina Garten. (Instead of cream I use milk or half and half...or whatever I have on hand.) Mmm...it's really good. (And freezes nicely.) I'll freeze the rest for later use. I gave the chickens the innards, including a few seeds. I wonder if a plant will grow in the chicken pen? That would be kinda funny.

Finally finished This Life Is In Your Hands...I gotta say, it was depressing and maddening. I was hoping that in between all of that mess there would be some helpful information...but I guess you have to buy the author's  father's gardening books for that.

Hmmm...what else? The usual I guess...homework, laundry, figure out dinner, make a store run, pay a bill or two, ya know, life.

Oh, and now that I finished that other book I can get started on some reading that I know is gonna soothe my soul...Little House in the Big Woods and The Long Winter. I know I already mentioned this, but seriously, I am so excited to read these books. And you know, come to think of it, I have this collection of books...somewhere. Maybe at my mom's? (Mom? Do you still have them? How about Charlotte's Web? And Stuart Little? Did we own Misty of Chincoteague? I need them.) I read them all when I was younger and loved them. Mom also read several of them to me before bed until I could read chapter books on my own...thanks Mom. xo

Speaking of reading when I was younger...seems to me that I read quite a bit. I liked it. I remember getting a book from the bookmobile once, bringing it home, and reading it in one day. I don't remember what book it was...but I do remember it was chapters and I was quite impressed with myself. I was around 8 or 9, I think. And if my memory serves me...I do believe it was a beautiful gray and rainy day.

Well look at that...it's after 9. Time to get going...xo


good_to_be_home said...

I come visit you here now and then, thank you for all I've seen that inspires me; including this post. I have chickens, too! We let ours roam around the property and we are getting about 5 eggs a day from our flock.
Also, I have read several Laura Ingalls Wilder books this winter; Little Town on the Prairie, and These Happy Golden Years. They are so good. I love to read.

Have a good day.

Nancy said...

i loved the little house on the prairie books. maybe i should read one this winter. and nancy drew. she was another one of my favorites as was the boxcar children series. i spent lots of time in the library. and speaking of reading, i got a little treat in the mail today...a kindle fire. yep. i took the plunge. it's a gift to me (thanks to a gift card from christmas). can't wait to play with it tonight! but i must get my work done first.

teekaroo said...

I find myself going back to Ann of Green Gables. I think those books were my first "big" book reading accomplishments and will always be special to me.

Denise said...

the rain is heading our way tomorrow or so they say...

i read all the little house and nancy drew books - my girls not so much!!