Saturday, February 4, 2012

everywhere I turn.

After Noni and Papa passed away I helped my mom and my aunt's go through their home...gathering up special things they wanted to keep and sorting through what they were willing to let go. It was a long process...months, in fact. But what would you expect of a home that was put together and added to for almost 70 years?

I ended up bringing home lots of treasures...some big things, some little things, and some things that I didn't realize were going to be as important to me as they are. And as I walk around my home I see these things. On the kitchen counter there are glass canisters full of beans and rice and a wooden cutting board (both of which I almost didn't even bring home) that I see each and every day.

In my hutch there is a little brown squirrel that makes me happy each time I look at it. There are other little reminders in the hutch, too...a beautiful tea cup and saucer, old kitchen utensils and a glass juicer, a small flour sifter and a little bread basket that Noni used often. And I can't forget the old spice tins that she wouldn't let me throw away when I was trying to be "helpful" one day. (Thank you, were right, you did know best. ;)

Down the hall there is an oil painting and an old mold of some sort hanging on the my room there is a framed thread sampler on old Seth's room there is a large Ian's room one of Papa's canes, and one of his hats, even a few old tools he took as mementos.

As I look around my home I see Noni and Papa everywhere, every day. And it makes me happy...and  yes, sometimes really, really sad...but always glad. And very grateful.

Yes, I know they are just things.  But they are things that trigger thoughts of Noni and Papa and allow me to remember them every single day.


Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

They say that we spend our adulthood buying back our childhood. I have things all around my house too from my Gramps. His fez, shelves and a clock he made, a Fred Flintstone cup, a sawdust stuffed winnie the pooh he bought me when I was 4, his favourite sweatter hangs in my closet, along with a shirt we had made for him. He is everywhere in this house.

Denise said...

i get this. I realized that things are more than things when I helped my mom and dad move a few months ago. things have stories. it changed my perspective for sure.

Nancy said...

you don't have to explain it to me...just today i pulled out a candlestick that belonged to my grandma that she let dale and i use at our wedding. it's on my kitchen table now. put a candle in it and lit it at dinner tonight. i know it would make her smile.

love the canisters!

Beegirl said...

How sweet. I feel the same way. Our house has reminders of grandma at every turn. Im sad she is gone, but yet ~ I know she is right here with me.