Tuesday, February 21, 2012

under the weather.

No photos today. And not a whole lot of creativity either. I came down with some sort of flu bug yesterday and have been cold and hot and cold and hot and sneezing and coughing and aching and sniffling ever since.

I made a big pot of homemade chicken soup yesterday thanks to saving chicken bones from a Costco chicken last week. I added a bit of extra onions and garlic, ya know, for their healing properties. I've also been drinking plenty of fluids...Squirt sure does taste good when you're sick. Not sure what it is, but it makes me feel better.

So, in spite of not feeling well, the fact remains that this is the last week of one of my online classes. And that means that I have a few papers due (short papers, but papers nonetheless) and a Final Unit Study to create as well as a Final to take. All due this week...all while feeling under the weather.

But...it's been a while since I visited here so I thought I'd stop in and say hi and let you know that if you need me you can find me in my bed, remote in one hand, a glass of Squirt in the other, and books and notepads spread all about. Oh yeah...and maybe a Sudoku or two thrown in the mix for good measure. ;)


Beegirl said...

Rest..feel better soon!! SOON!

Anonymous said...

take care. good care :)

free range chick said...

Feel better soon Michelle...the unit study sounds fun though :)

Kym said...

I too have been under the weather. I tried to "muscle" through it but I didn't have a chance. I actually stayed in bed until 10 yesterday before guilt set in and I HAD to get up. Gel better. Eat some yummy chicken soup and get better. Hmmmm. Now I'm craving homemade chicken soup. Yum!

Nancy said...

hoping you are mended by now. and that the online class is successfully behind you. extra onion & garlic is always a good thing!