Friday, July 15, 2011

sometimes you just have to focus on the good.

It's no secret...summer throws me completely off. There's no schedule. There's heat. There' schedule...and heat. We stay up late and get up late. We eat late. If I cook. The kids are running here and there and all over the place. There's sleepovers and youth camp and water slides with friends. For as much as I don't like a tight schedule...I think I prefer having a tight schedule!

Then there's still the whole spiritual issue...I'm coming to some realizations on the spirituality front that I will share...sometime. I'm still figuring them all out. When I know more...I'll share. (Don't I always?)

And I am still missing Papa so much. And funnily that Papa is gone, I am missing Noni more than ever, too. Kind of a weird dynamic that I wasn't expecting...

These things can have a tendency to get me down...if I let them. I can let them get me down...or I can purposely focus on good things. Because really, in the whole scheme of is good. And because it's good, I'm going to list some good no particular order.
  • 99 cent hydrangea...because it was "wilted".
  • Cooler temps...wonderful breezes...perfect weather...absolutely perfect.
  • Backyard landscape steadily coming's so nice to look out and see green everywhere!
  • Health...we are all healthy...and that is very good.
  • Plenty.
  • A loving, hard-working, kind husband...xo
  • Library books.
  • (go see who created all of that green goodness! One of you might even be reading this!)
  • Fresh, organic tomatoes...right in my own backyard!
  • Fresh, organic eggs...right in my own backyard!
  • Summer bugs under control...ick.
  • Time with friends.
  • Interesting, funny, handsome, entertaining (and sometimes aggravating) sons.
  • A few hours on the work schedule. (Every little bit helps)
  • The local farm stand...and a new opportunity.
  • Creativity.
  • Family. I've got a really, really great family. (Love you guys...near and far...blood or in Christ. It's all good.)
  • Lists. I love lists. (But I really need to do something about these piles!)
  • Running water...I really try not to take it for granted.
  • Migraine medicine.
  • Japanese maples started from seeds. (Good job Honey!)
  • Dinner for two. xo
  • Summer camp...the boys are gonna have a blast!
  • Eyeglasses.
  • Sun tea.
  • Coupons. ;)
  • YOU!

12 How can I repay the LORD for all his goodness to me?
Psalm 116:12


Anonymous said...

i've made plenty of fig newtons with your post...thank you michelle

Anonymous said...

your list is fantastic!! That is right - keep focusing on it. I could go down the other road too but in the end... life is good.

Christina said...

there are some good and mighty things here.

Lisa Gallup said...

I'm anxiously awaiting your thoughts on your spiritual issues. :)

I love your list! In reading "One Thousand Gifts", I'm trying, trying to intentionally find the good in each hour. I need to start a list/journal just for these things.

pinkpeppercorns said...

A mighty good list. :)

Nancy said...

good list of plenty :)

we have a japanese maple in our front yard that finally looks beautiful.

Thomas said...

It's coming upon the 10 year anniversary of my dad's death. I always get a bit introspective this time of year because of it. Having chickens, growing veggies - daily reminders of the cycle of life.

Linda Foster said...

I swear, we are twins from different mothers, in different decades. And you can't see me right now, but I am putting my two fingers to my eyes and then your eyes then my eyes, a la three stooges. Our inner wiring is so similar.
Psalm 116:12, yes.
List making
Migraine medicine
A tendency towards the dark side if I don't intentionally choose differently
Chaffing under a tight schedule, but really kind of need the structure of one
The Word
An appreciation of all God has so BLESSED me with Your list could almost completely be my list... crazy.
And I like being listed on your list.
Love from your sister in Christ.

Fresh Garden said...

Wonderful! Fantastic!
Keep it coming!