Tuesday, July 26, 2011

nothing and everything.

 Sometimes I don't know what to say...sometimes things just don't make any sense to me. And at the risk of getting "too deep"...sometimes it seems like nothing really matters. I don't mean that in a "woe is me" nothing really matters. It's more like the world is in such a crazy state of chaos and so many things matter, that anything I might have to say or want to talk about just really doesn't matter.

I could talk about gardening...but then I think about those who are struggling just to cart a pail of water 4 miles to their home just to have something to drink (and many times the water is full of disease anyway...but they have no choice) and maybe wash a dish or a cup, if they own one. Does my garden, the garden I water with ease, sometimes even forgetting that I've left the very convenient drip system on because I forgot about it, does it really matter when there are people in the world with no access to any water?

I could talk about this week's menu plan and gush on and on about the delectable meals I'm going to cook with the abundance of food available to me...but then I think about the millions of people literally dying of starvation around the world, even here in our privileged USA, and I almost feel guilty at all that is available to me.

Yes, yes...I know, this is where I was born, this is where God blessed me to be, it's a fact of life that some are less privileged, and that is that. Why feel guilty? I know. But...why not feel at least something? No, I don't have to deprive myself of basic life giving essentials just because others don't have it. But as Jane at Thy Hand Hath Provided states so wisely...we can live a bit more simply in order to give more generously. That's all I'm saying.

There are so many things I could talk about...food, menus, gardening, decorating...oh my gosh, don't get me started about decorating. Don't get me wrong...I love decorating. I love beautiful things and a beautiful home. But I have to admit...I have a hard time reading blogs about decorating knowing there are so many human beings that don't even have a roof over their head, let alone a lovely duvet cover in the perfect shade of taupe.

I'm not a bleeding-heart liberal. (I tried to be for a while. But quickly came to the conclusion that I'm actually quite conservative. Who knew?) No, I'm not a bleeding-heart but I am compassionate. I care. I feel for those who are in need...truly in need. I don't necessarily feel for those who are choosing drugs over real life and thus choosing to live on the streets or under bridges. I mean, I feel for them. I hate that they are in bondage to a drug or to alcohol. It breaks my heart. But still...in the end, addiction is a choice. I also have a hard time feeling for those who choose to sit and hold a "Will work for food" sign rather than getting a job so that they can buy food. If you are willing to work then go do it.

But I do feel for those who have hit hard times (and these past few years have been rough for many)...who are truly trying to live their lives as well as possible and still can't seem to get a hand up.

(And...before you get yourself all a dither about my judgmental ways, I'm not saying that just because someone does have a decorating blog they don't care. I'm sure they care very much. And might even hold yard sales to sell their surplus bath towels and area rugs in order to donate all proceeds to help feed people. So don't even go there...um, please. :)

So. Now what? What can you talk about when nothing really matters? (Dramatic, I know. I never said I didn't have dramatic tendencies now and then.) I have learned over the past few years that it is easier to be a part of the solution rather than a part of the problem.

Want to help someone gain access to clean, healthy water? Water for LIFE is an excellent ministry that helps to provide good, clean water that is literally saving lives.

Want to provide food for starving children? This same ministry also feeds the hungry.

Want to teach someone to fish rather than just giving them a fish? Heifer.org is an amazing ministry. I recently gave the gift of baby chicks.

Want to rescue someone from the bondage of sexual slavery? Well, yes, you guessed it, they have a ministry for that, too.  

Really, it's not that nothing matters. It's that everything matters.


Denise said...

wise words Michelle. And, so good of you to provide those links. I get this. Totally get this post.

teekaroo said...

Love your blog. I get those feelings too. In fact, I'm afraid to let them run too far, or I find myself unable to do anything because I'm so consumed with how much need there is in the world and I feel helpless to do anything about it. That and figuring out how to best help out. Thanks for this reminder. I will dedicate a bit of my budget this week to such a fund.

Nancy said...

well said. i get it. all of it. i so relate.