Thursday, July 7, 2011

the dust is settling...

Flickr favorites...mostly brown...see who did all of this....
I'm going slow...yesterday and today.

Yesterday turned into an impromptu "clean out under the kitchen sink" day...which then led to a on my hands and knees bathroom floor scrubbing day...not to mention taking care of a good four or five loads of laundry.

Thank goodness for leftovers.

I don't have much to say thoughts are still deep...but there were a few things that I wanted to share.

Some of you have inquired about the mosaics of photos like the one above...I make them at on Mosaic Maker..and go for it!

Chris and I signed up for Netflix a few weeks ago. I was searching around for a documentary...had clicked on Food Inc. and was going to watch it but really wasn't in the mood for something that heavy. I dug around a bit more when I came across Food amazing and informative documentary focusing on food for health...vs. medications. It really confirmed much of what's been rumbling through my brain lately.

Have you seen Born Into Brothels? Incredible. Moving. And hard to take. This documentary should not be viewed around children...the language is over the top offensive. Really. And the subject matter, obviously, is not for everyone. I grabbed it on a whim at the library and was glad that I eye-opener to say the least.

I'm reading through The Kind's inspiring me to add more raw food to our meals. I'm quite sure I won't be making raw pizza or raw lasagna...the idea of trying to make something gooey out of uncooked random ingredients is not at all appetizing to me. However, eating raw veggies, raw fruits and good salads full of good, nutritious food is.

I'm also reading through A Householder's Guide to the Universe: A Calendar of Basics for the Home and Beyond. Entertaining. Informative. And down to earth...

Oh...and while I'm at it, sharing controversial things and all, I'll go ahead and recommend another great documentary...Collapse by Michael Ruppert. I'll let you look it up if you want to...peak oil...government...etc. Good stuff...if you're interested in those things.

I hope all is well in your little corner of the world. I hope your gardens are growing...your families are well...and your hearts are full. xo


Denise said...

I had noticed the Kind Diet link on your blog. I have read it. I liked it actually.

Now, I should probably clean out under my sink.

Michelle said...

I picked up The Kind Diet at our community yard sale and I've been intrigued at some of the recipes. Even in Toronto, though, I'm having a hard time finding some of the ingredients.

ThyHandHathProvided said...

Under my kitchen sink is in desperate need of attention. Your reminder may prompt me to work on it tomorrow! Thanks, too, for all the recommendations and links. Off to check out the Mosaic Maker!

Diane said...

I recently watched Ingredients on Netflix. You might like it also.

pinkpeppercorns said...

Wow, under the sink AND the bathroom floor. Impressive, especially knowing how much you love scrubbing floors. :)

I always love hearing of movies/documentaries and books. Keep 'em coming. Right now, I'm only watching fluffy or girlie movies (what few I watch). I'm so rattled by so much that my brain can't handle anything more intense. I'm not normally into musicals, but last night I watched Mama Mia. It was sort of cute and sweet for being fluff.

Is it really okay to snatch photos from other places and put them on your site. The mosaics are really spiffy, but I thought it was copyright infringement to use others' photos--at least without their consent.

I'm really irked at flickr. I created an account, but for some reason, they won't let me log in. Maybe I should try creating another account. I have a bunch of photos I'd like to post, but they're all tucked away on my host. (Thankfully, I was smart enough to do a backup; unfortunately, the last one I did was at least a year ago.) I can't download them and post them until I get a new computer, which--UGH--still doesn't look like it's going to be anytime soon.

Made this comment all about me, didn't I. Sorry about that.