Monday, February 21, 2011

one thing leads to another...

Well...I hope you'll forgive my silence. While I thought I was on the mend from the flu-turned-pneumonia/asthma it turns out I was not. Thursday night my coughing got did my ability to breathe. I sat in the easy chair all night coughing...not sleeping.  At 8am Friday morning I had Chris drive me to the dr. where they took my vitals...gave me a breathing treatment...xrays...and another breathing treatment.

3 hours later...and talk of a possible hospital stay to get my breathing regulated...I was sent home with two inhalers, another antibiotic and more prednasone...along with orders to stay in bed until Monday.

Turns out I was having a pretty good asthma attack. And I don't normally have asthma! I have had it only one other time years was brought on by the use of one of those chemical-filled plug in air fresheners. Yuck. That thing about killed me...and I didn't even know it until weeks later!

After much bed rest and good TV deliveries by amazing, generous friends (thank you SO much Jesse and Irvina!...delicious homemade chicken soup delivered by my mom (which was just what the dr. ordered, I might add...thank you mom!) cleaning by my sweet hubby and sons (thanks guys!)...and prayer from friends and family...I am feeling a bit better. I am still a bit weak...and wheezy...and get winded easily. But...I am on the mend. Thank goodness. Not being able to get enough air is SCARY.

I have decided to continue to take it easy for the next week. I think part of the problem is that each time I felt a tiny bit better I felt compelled to get to and laundry and cooking and shopping and errands and running kids all around. You JOB. But...I think doing too much made me get sick over and over. So...this time...I'm going easy...and I'm not going to feel guilty about it.

I learned something along the regard to natural remedies. While there may be a natural or homeopathic remedy for asthma...I didn't find it. And while I believe there is a time and place for home remedies...and natural's not always the answer. Sometimes modern medicine is the way to go...and I am so, so grateful for it.


Beegirl said...

I just sent you an email, then read your blog.. GOOD HEAVENS!! I am so glad you got some help!! PLEASE rest and let the inflammation in your lungs go down! Give your body time to heal..and feel better soon! Wish I could bring you some soup..

teekaroo said...

Take it easy and get better! I agree with you. I like learning about and using homeopathic medicine, but I'm really glad there's a hospital right down the road.

denise said...

could not agree more about the use of conventional medicine. it does have a time and a place.

now to you - REST!!

no down dogs for a while okay : )
love that your family is being supportive. take good care.

ThyHandHathProvided said...

Oh, dear me! I'm so glad you're feeling better. I wish I lived closer so I could take you a meal or something. Take good care of yourself as you heal. I'm so thankful for these amazing and resilient bodies we have.

Mavis said...

Don't you wish they could just stick a tube down your throat and suck out all the crud... Yuck!

I just discovered a British show called Doc Martin... there are 3 seasons on Netflix... it looks interesting...if you're still lounging around and need movies suggestions :)

Mari said...

So grateful you got help and some meds to help you feel better. Get better, we miss you! I am praying for you too!! xoxo

Camille said...

So nasty! I agree with you...home remedies are great and a wonderful gift, but there are definitely times when the conventional route is the way to go. Just fortify yourself with probiotics aferwards! Hang in there! easy to push ourselves...but you MUST not!! I will pray for you tonight.

Many blessings,

WhiteStone said...

I can tolerate a lot of pain but when it comes to things going bad with my lungs? Aw, I see the Doc fast!

BTW, one of the things I miss most about CA is the roadside peach stand. The other is the lovely availability of lovely, lovely lemons! Nice photo!

Christina said...

those fresh air things and such, flair us up, as well. out of no where... we didn't know, they could do such harm.
feel better, friend.