Friday, October 29, 2010

Meet Pablo.

This is Pablo. He is the latest addition to our family...and he is so dang CUTE. Not to mention a LOVE. Well...when he's not running around toying with rodents or knocking things off of dressers or harassing Rosie, our 17 year old cat, or harassing Reggie, our 80 pound dog, or clawing furniture get the idea.

Pablo was born on April birthday. It was destiny.

Pablo left the house yesterday around 10am. At 6pm we were worried. At 8pm we were sad. At 10pm we went to bed. At 2am Pablo made his way through the cat door. Thank goodness.


teekaroo said...

He was just out cattin around. :)

Erin Wallace said...

He's gorgeous! We just got a new kitten, too, and he has eyes just like your Pablo. Haven't taken any pictures of him that I like yet, but when I do, I'll introduce him to the world.

xo Erin

Magnolia Handspun said...

Good kitty, found his way home.
Perfect name for such a lovely.

Unknown said...

He's very handsome! And I love the name. We have 5 cats right now to keep the gophers down... Two adults cats, Siesta and Soleil, and three kittens (perhaps you remember the post back in the spring). We still have NO names for these kittens although we sometimes call one of them Earl Grey.

We desperately need to name these three male kittens. I love the name Pablo - kind of works with the other two names. I thought about the three musketeer names - Aramis, Porthos, and Athos, but only my literature-buff daughter liked these. Any suggestions?

Glad he came home - cats just seem to be free spirits that set their own rules.

Unknown said...

I hate when my cats make me worry like that! Glad he came back!

Kelly said...

Welcome Pablo! (And no more scares please!!)