Friday, October 15, 2010

Have you heard of Andy Goldsworthy?

leaves woven together with thorns.
 I learned about Andy Goldsworthy while taking my first online college course. He's an amazing artist. He creates every work out of all natural materials...leaves, sticks, rocks, snow, ice, sand, moss, trees, flowers...incredible sculptures. And for the most part, every one of them is temporary. He builds them in the elements...sometimes even racing tides to complete the work before the sea comes to wash it away.

Beautiful. Unbelievably beautiful.

There is an excellent documentary about him, Rivers and Tides, that I was able to borrow from my local library (so I imagine you can, too!). If you like art...and nature...and quiet ideas...and deep thoughts...then I think you'd like Goldsworthy and his art as much as I do.


WhiteStone said...

He does some really nifty work!

Sarah { bee house hives } said...

good morning sweet friend!
this sounds like somthing i would love! thanks for sharing, it is so fun to discover something new. i love that his art is temporary.. kind of like another Artist i know :)

Nancy said...

amazing...i will never cease to be amazed at the talents people have.

Hip Mountain Mama said...

very cool...thanks for introducing this artist to me! :)

Christina said...

i have never heard of him. i will definitely check him out.

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm catching up.....this is excellent, definitely will check it out. have you seen Richard Shillings work, Land Art, here's a link to his Flickr page: