Friday, June 27, 2008

Summer isn't ALL bad.

I am not a summer person. As a matter of fact, I think I have reverse seasonal mood disorder...or whatever it's called. Summer gets me down. In the winter, just the thought of summer gets me down. Give me winter any day. I love the cold, the rain, the storms, the gray skies, they make me happy. I feel good and refreshed and rejuvenated in the winter.
However, due to my interest in gardening and my desire to grow my own food and preserve it, I am gaining a new outlook on summer. I still don't like it. And will take rain any day of the year. But at least growing a garden and challenging myself to buy local is something to look forward to in these hot, miserable months.
This fruit salad is 66% local. The cantaloupe came from the fruit stand less than a mile from my home. The berries came from my friend Stephanie's farm. And the watermelon...well, that came from Lucky. As far as where they got it, I haven't a clue as I forgot to read the sticker. I'm sure it's somewhere very far away and used tons of power and fuel just to get to little ol' me. What can I say? The fruit stand wasn't open yet and MY watermelon plant was about 4 inches tall. store it was. I'm getting step at a time.

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