Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Love is a bird's nest and a box of apricots.

Over the weekend our church held a bazaar. I sat and peddled my art while others sold fudge and tamales and jewelry and sewn goods and plants...there was tons of stuff! But my favorite table was my friend Stephanie's. It was overflowing with fruits and vegetables and brown eggs...all from her garden in the country. I had no idea she was into this kind of life! We talked and talked and talked...about eggs and chickens and jams. We were kindred spirits right then and there. It's strange, I've known her for several years now and never knew she lived in the country and gardened and canned...all of the things I long to do! When the day was over we said our goodbye's, exchanged numbers and emails and promised to exchange recipes and talk about this amazing way of life sometime again, soon!
Well, on Sunday she called to let me know she had a big box of apricots from her tree for me. She left a message on my machine saying she thought sure there'd be enough for a batch of jam and that they were waiting in the garage for me...and for me to feel free to come on out and grab them. She and her hubby were going to be out of town so she allowed me in the "secret entrance". I was so excited as I listened to the message and was having visions of apricots dancing in my head when I heard her say, "Oh, there's also a beautiful little bird's nest in the box. I found it this morning while trimming the roses and just knew that it was for you. I felt it was a reminder of a promise that God has made to you."

Huh? Whuh? A bird's nest? For me? How did she know? She couldn't have known. There's no way. There's no way she would know that I love birds...and birds nests...and that I have a small collection. There's no way. And she definitely doesn't know about the promise.

Wow. I was stunned. And I listened to the message with my mouth hanging open, tears streamed down my face. My husband and boys were watching me and one of my boys said, "Um, is there something you're not telling us?" And my husband replied, "No. It's fine. God is just telling Mom that He loves her."
It was an amazing moment. I was blown away. And I couldn't get out to her place in the country fast enough to gather my fruit and my promise! The box is BIG, and the apricots are plenty. And the nest? It's beautiful...and intricate...and delicate...and complex...and perfect. God is in the little things...that's for sure.


bridgette said...

God is just telling Mom that He loves her
i love that. what a beautiful gift.

Anonymous said...

amazingly perfect.