Monday, May 26, 2014

scenes from the garden or how I spent a quiet morning out back.

I'm off today. And feeling a little under the weather since last night. Tummy trouble, if you must know. I'm bummed, but mostly because this very well could get in the way of my plan to visit our local, annual Memorial Day carnival for the sole purpose of getting myself a corn dog with extra mustard. I may have to make the sacrifice.

I spent some time in the garden this morning...deep watering the tomatoes and rosemary and enjoying the cool air while it lasts. In between moving the hose from here to there I snapped a few photos, of course. It appears as if we're going to have an abundance of zucchini. This is fine by me...fried zucchini cakes are in our near future!

I saw at least half a dozen ladybugs in the garden this morning without even looking for them...on the grapes, on the lavender, on the Japanese maple. It made me happy knowing they were eating up the bad bugs. And it also made me happy that they made their way to our garden on their own and not via a plastic tub sold at the checkout stand. 

The garden was quiet for a good while...I took advantage of it and sat watching the bees busily gathering nectar from the lavender. I tried to get some photos but they're all blurry...they don't say "busy as a bee" for nothing. They are on the go! I found myself feeling envious of whoever gets to benefit from the honey made from the pollen of my lavender. Why don't I have backyard bees (yet)?

As I sat on the back steps I was visited by a gigantic bumble bee who also evaded my lens...he was huge! And loud! And gorgeous for a big, black bug. I'm not a fan of big, black bugs...but I'll make an exception for him. He was pretty cute.

The peace and quiet ended when my rear neighbor decided to fire up a chain saw...or a weed whacker...or something loud. So I took that as my cue to come back in the house and take advantage of some quiet time here at the house to document my morning.

I'm alone for the next little I'll take it easy, write a blog post or two, and hope my stomach settles down enough to go get that corn dog later. Priorities, right?


Denise said...

hope you are feeling better...and love the lady bug!

can so relate to the quiet being destroyed by something loud...I'll take your cue too to go inside at that point.

Angela said...

I too hope you are feeling better. Love your zucchini plant. I wish I had a bigger garden to have a spot for zucchini.