Saturday, May 24, 2014

it's been a while...

I think about this place every day and wonder if any of you are still out there. Every day I click "New Post"...but every day, nothing comes out. There's stuff in there. A lot of stuff. But I guess there's not enough time? Or maybe none of the stuff has come to the surface yet?

Either's been quiet around here. Part of me feels bad about it....desiring to write every day, to share and think things out through the process of writing here. The other part of me realizes that it's life. Life gets busy. And distracting. And...mundane. There's nothing wrong with the mundane..that is life, I guess. But how many times can I write about washing dishes or doing laundry or cleaning my room, yet again? I mean, life is one big repetition...get up, get dressed, go to work, work all day, stop at the grocery store on the way home, run an errand, cook some dinner, wash more clothes, get the coffee ready for tomorrow, go to bed.

"What's to write about?", I think to myself.

Well...a lot, really. A lot happens in between all of that. A lot happens in my mind during all of that. It's just that sometimes it's hard to get it down "on paper".

On a positive note (not that that was really negative) is good. It's busy. It's productive. It's moving forward at a steady rate...and for that I am grateful.

The garden is thriving...lots of tomatoes and zucchini ripening in this heat we've been having this week. The chickens are doing well...even if their coop is filthy. I really need to get out there early tomorrow and remedy that.

The weather has weather is inching its way closer and closer. And while I don't like it, I am doing my best to embrace it. It's making the garden grow. So there's that. And I've come to a realization...I am OK with hot weather up to about 90 degrees. After that it's a bit much. But it's tolerable. Even 95 isn't too stifling. But when it starts hitting the triple digits is when the depression kicks in. Like a reverse SAD. Luckily, it's not always triple digits. And if it is..? There's always A/C.

Seth came home for a whirlwind visit last night...he was supposed to stay all day today and tonight then head out to Santa Cruz with friends tomorrow morning. But, plans changed and he headed out this morning. So we visited until midnight last night and over breakfast this morning and then off he went. I guess that's how it's going to be from here on out...and I'm OK with that. It's what he's supposed to do...grow up, do his thing, live his life...I won't hold him back. And I'll be grateful for the time I get with him.

So just now I made a phone call to my mom (Yes, in the middle of writing a post because I have ADD, I'm convinced) and we've decided to take a ride to a tile and granite place to put slabs on hold for her kitchen remodel. So that's my cue to hop in the shower (No, I haven't done that yet. Yes, I know it's after 11.) and get ready for an afternoon with my of my favorite people to spend time with.

I'll be back soon. That's a promise.

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Denise said...

I'm still here!!
Hope you enjoyed your day yesterday and now enjoy the rest of your weekend too!