Saturday, March 22, 2014

this week.

Seth is home this week. Yes. You heard me. Seth is HOME THIS WEEK! We all drove down to get him yesterday...11 hours on the road, 17 pit stops and now our family is complete again. It's nice having everyone in their own beds...I slept really good last night, come to think of it.

So Seth is off this week, but none of the rest of us are. Chris and I are working, Ian has school, and life is gonna hum right along. But we can have dinners together, at least, and Seth has made a few requests...enchiladas, tacos, lasagne and barbecue. I think we can make that happen.

I made a quiche last week. I used Emeril's recipe for inspiration. I used a refrigerator crust rather than making my own (because I'm not a pastry person...) and I used 4 whole eggs rather than the called for "2 eggs, 2 yolks". Next time I'll probably use 6 eggs as I thought the quiche was a little skimpy. But, it was tasty. I've always loved quiche, mom made a good quiche when I was growing up. Come to think of it, I think I need HER recipe. (Mom? You out there? Are you getting this?)

It won't be all work and no play while Seth is home...tomorrow morning we're going to get up early and head to the flea market. We all enjoy a good deal so that'll be a good way to spend the morning. Everyone has a little something they're looking equipment, tools, electronics and I'm looking for something unique to hang over the sofa. (It's still blank from when we painted last June. I'm not compromising for the sake of having something on the wall.)

The guys will go on a canoe ride up at the lake at some point, and he and I will probably enjoy a lunch date or two. Then, of course, he's got plans throughout the week with his buddies that are also home for break.

Other than that, we'll just enjoy being complete for the week. It's good to have him home. xo


Jennifer said...

Enjoy every second my friend!!

fjord girl said...

So happy for you and the fam that you are all together- must be hard when the kids are out. I am on the cusp of that with Jules off to college soon. Have a great weekend Michelle.