Thursday, November 29, 2012

day by day.

This is a busy week...and so far, so good. I'm about halfway through.

I actually remembered all my errands after work today...which included a trip to the next town over...which for some reason always seems so.far.away. And I can only go there if I have more than just one thing to do. It's only about 10 miles away. Not sure what that's is what it is.

There is a big wrestling tournament this weekend at the high school. Ian won't be wrestling as it's for varsity only. But he will be working at it...keeping time, keeping score, etc. I volunteered to make pounds and pounds of chicken thighs for the snack bar. I'm doing that right now...I'm just about to chop up the last many pounds and I will be ready to deliver them to the lady in charge. Then tomorrow and Saturday I will work a couple shifts in the snack bar to help out.

I like helping out with kid related things. I have since the boys were in grade school. Now that they're older there aren't as many opportunities to help but I do a little here and there. I figure I better get in all my volunteer time over the next four years until Ian graduates. Crazy to think about that!

And as if it's not enough to think about that...Seth just applied for four colleges last night! He'll apply for two private schools in January and then we'll wait patiently. I don't even know where the time has gone....

Tomorrow afternoon is our office party. It should be fun...I work with so many great people. There will be food, of course, a white elephant gift exchange, and plenty of laughter, I imagine.

It's supposed to rain all weekend...which is great. You know I love the rain. But it would be even better if I didn't have obligations! Rainy weekends beg for warm soups simmering, cozy sweaters and baking. But no worries, I have a feeling I'll squeeze a little of that in, too...gonna make the most of this weekend!

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Denise said...

my kids don't really want me around school that much - can yo believe that!

enjoy your party tomorrow and weekend :)