Monday, October 15, 2012

Menu Plan Monday

Why is it that making a menu plan, even though it's extremely helpful and beneficial, is such a major task? I go over and over what I have on hand...I make lists and potential meal ideas and jot them down for this day or that, only to move it to another day due to a commitment or hot weather.

I think one thing that is making it a bit more of a challenge is that I am trying to use what I have and not shop. (Although I did shop today to utilize a was worth it.) I have a feeling that once our finances level out and we get a good budget in place, meal planning once a week, and being able to shop for that specific menu, will make it less of a challenge I think.

All that being said, I did make a menu for this week.

Mon: Tilapia/Fried Rice/ Steamed Broccoli
Tue: Super Burritos
Wed: Chicken Sandwiches/Fries
Thu: DIY/Leftovers
Fri: Sausages/Cheesy Orzo
Sat: Calzones (we never did have them last week!)

So there it is. Nothing too exciting this week since I am working around lots of outside activities...youth groups, concerts, meetings, classes. So it's better than nothing. If nothing else, at least I have a guideline!


Jeannine said...

You do a great job with this! I'm so impressed!

I find meal planning so difficult. There are so many things to consider: his tastes and mine (and they usually don't jive), nutritional concerns (sometimes what is easy isn't good), using what we already have, going to the store sixteen times a week for fresh things. It makes me want to weep.

Keep up the good work, Michelle. I hope some of your good work will rub off on me! ;)

Denise said...

it is hard to do but SO worth it!! i have decided Wednesdays are breakfast for dinner night and we usually have a sandwich night in there too, oh and pizza of course!!