Monday, June 11, 2012

let the summer begin.

Volunteer tomatoes...we're not
even sure variety they are!
Good Monday morning. I, my friends, am not at work. Not that work is bad. I am grateful to have a job...absolutely. But I am also grateful that it is with the school district where I can enjoy the benefits of having the summer off!

The weekend was nice. Slow. For me, anyway. It was productive for Chris...he's been getting lots of things done around here.

The heat is here, but thankfully it is accompanied by a breeze. Tomorrow we'll escape the heat for a while...a friend and I are taking the kids to the beach for the day. Get this summer started right.

Chris potted some volunteer tomato plants that came up in random places in the garden. We're not even sure what variety they are. Maybe a Roma of some sort? Or maybe one of the heirlooms we planted? Now I can't remember what kind it even was...I know it was orange. (Note to self: keep a dang garden journal.) And we got one, big, beautiful orange tomato from it. (Yes. One. But it was quite tasty.) That's what I'm hoping it is (even though it was obviously NOT productive at ALL). I'd like to see how that variety (whatever it was...) would do in a better location. Last summer I planted it next to some pole beans and they used the tomato plant as a climbing support. So the poor tomato got dominated and couldn't do its thing. Time will tell, I guess. It'll be a fun surprise.

As for store. We need beach food. And I need to make sure my camera batteries are fully charged. And I need to clean out the cargo area of the car...gotta make room for coolers and chairs and blankets and beach bags. Oh, and the camera bag.

Hmm...where did I put that sunscreen? Might be a good day to organize that dang hall closet while I'm at's been a long time coming.

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Denise said...

enjoy your beach day. I am kinda jealous of your summers off - good for the kids for sure.

can't wait to see your beach day pictures!! have fun :)