Saturday, March 19, 2011

oh how I love a rainy Saturday...

It is raining...a lot. And even more is expected. If you've been reading here for any amount of time you probably know that this makes me very happy.

I've got pork in the crock pot (aka my wife)...flour tortillas are defrosting. Essentially, dinner is ready. This makes me very happy.

Found a good book at the library the other day...can't wait to really "dig in". (Oh...yes...I did.)

I joined this challenge...wanna join, too? To start I bought two gallons of water at the store yesterday. It's a start!

It's a good day to piece together a jigsaw puzzle. We did one last weekend and it was really fun. It was a great family activity. The only problem is...we don't have another puzzle! I think we'll have to pick up another...

I've been trying my hand at zentangles. It's basically doodling...but with a fancier name. I came across zentangles several years ago but had never tried it. But recently I started spending some time at Swap-bot and ended up joining a zentangle exchange. As well as a few others! We'll see how that seems some of the swappers at Swap-bot can be a bit...difficult...and not nice. Hopefully I won't run into any meanies.

Oh...and I had mentioned that I was going to cut some bangs..? Well...I did...sort of. They're more like...a long layer. I sorta chickened out as I am wont to do when it comes to my hair. Bangs are just so...high-maintenance. And...I am not.

Well...the dishes aren't going to wash themselves. I better get a move on...

What have you got going on today?


Julie Whitmore Pottery said...

Michelle, I went and checked out the blog with the be prepared post.
Neat! It makes me want to CAN.
I have dreams of canning wearing my grandma's aprons.
I am going to buy dried beans and canned ones too.
Thanks for the link


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

I had to tell you it has rained here, too! Oh, I love it! Wish I had rain barrels everywhere to catch it all. I'll probably have to wait another 7 years to have this much again. Next time, I hope to be prepared!

Thanks for mentioning the Preparedness Challenge!

Tia said...

Your post was so relaxing and a great celebration of the daily steps that bring joy and peace. We have been enjoying small moments too.

I just wanted to stop by and tell you the boys were baptized today, and all is well.

Nancy said...

my grandparents always had a jigsaw puzzle in the works. all of us grandkids could count on that when we went for a visit as well as a competitive game (or two) of scrabble, yahtzee and uno. lots of fun memories. hope your crockpot dinner was yummy. don't you just love that it does all the work for ya?

Bookworm said...

Relaxing is on the list after a weekend of installing insulation 'upstairs'. What a bear! I woke up to thunder this morning so rain was on the menu in the Midwest, too!

Chiot's Run said...

I doo love a rainy day, I always want to curl up with a good book and a cup of hot coffee!

Great to start thinking about being prepared. Instead of keeping water around, we have a Berkey filter that can filter pretty much any water into drinkable. During the spring/summer/fall months we have plenty of rain water in the barrels we could use, and in the winter we try to keep a few pitchers of filtered water on the counter for cooking & drinking. If we know a storms coming we usually fill a few buckets just in case.

We also keep some gas around just for emergencies. One year we didn't have electric for a few days and the gas pumps in town didn't work - no electric either. Glad we had some extra gas so we could make it anywhere we needed to go and to run the generator!