Thursday, November 18, 2010

Chickens? What chickens?

Nellie...taken right before I left for Belgium.

I'm kidding! Yes, I still have chickens. Of course I do...I love those crazy little birds. They are healthy and happy and continuing to lay big, beautiful, brown eggs. They're still averaging 2-3 a day...not bad as the weather turns a bit colder.

I decided I needed to clean their coop this morning. It was a bit overdue...poor girls, and it's going to rain this weekend. So I needed to get it done. I have been having Seth toss the grass clippings into their coop each time he mows the lawn. They love to scratch around for bugs and nibble at the fresh cut grass. As I was shoveling out the bottom of the coop floor...grass clippings, wood shavings (nice that my hubby has a wood shop...that sawdust is good stuff!) and of course, chicken poop!...I realized that it was actually GOOD stuff I was tossing into the recycling bin. The grass and sawdust  had been decomposing, as well as some maple leaves that had blown in, and then of course all of that combined with the chicken droppings, I had the makings of some wonderful compost. I couldn't bring myself to just throw it away. Not with thoughts of next year's garden dancing around in my head! Fresh tomatoes, cool cucumbers, tons of zucchini, fresh green beans, fresh lettuce...oh my, nothing like a salad made with fresh lettuce grown right in your own backyard.  And it's so easy to grow...

Is it summer yet? (just kidding...)


ThyHandHathProvided said...

Please don't wish for summer yet. I'm still recovering from last summer:-). I was just thinking today how our hen house needs a good cleaning. If only Miriam wouldn't pick up the poop and eat it if I took her out there with day she won't...right?

teekaroo said...

I recently pre-ordered a seed catalog and put Feb as a good time to receive it. The confirmation message said to expect it in November! It better not come or I won't get my projects finished in time for Christmas!

THHP - I'm still trying to figure out why dirt and rocks and sticks taste so good to a 9 month old, and peas and carrots are spit into my face. Maybe we're missing out on something?

Conny said...

I've got that same chore awaiting me when I get home. :>) And the fact that it's going to rain this weekend doesn't seem to have an effect on my procrastination.

What is it with our "girls" anyway? I thought they were supposed to reduce production after the time change. I was kind of counting on that. Any good recipes you have for quiche and other eggy goodies that can be frozen?

Keep dry this weekend, as best you can. Waving from the South Bay ~ Conny

Nancy said...

planning ahead? good for you.