Monday, November 15, 2010

be inspired.

these are not my photos. they are some of my Favorites on
flickr...such an incredible amount inspiration
to be found there...people's creativity is amazing!

My aunt is hosting a Holiday Boutique in her home this coming Saturday...and I am participating. I'll be selling framed photographs, photo note cards, handmade ornaments and some snowmen made from old weathered fence boards and rusty embellishments. I have 5 days until the boutique...and a lot of work left to do!

I love making things...I love paint on my fingers, wrestling with hot glue strings, bits of fabric and ribbon on the it. I have a big pile of a MESS at the end of my dining room cutter, paints, brushes, scissors, jingles bells, ric rac, Mod Podge, glitter, glue, buttons...and more! My table seats 6...but only three of us can fit at one time because of all the stuff....thank goodness Seth was at the movies at dinner time last night!

So for the next few days I'll be painting snowmen and Mod Podging old papers onto ornaments and snipping fabric and sprinkling glitter and...serving dinner buffet style.

What have you got going on this week? Anything fun and messy?


teekaroo said...

I love little crafty things. I always think I can make them, but my mind just doesn't work like that.
I posted Saturday about the books I'm working on for my kids. I'm also trying to finish a quilt top.

Beegirl said...

I kept a bag of clothespins from the garage sale pile thinking of making something from them.. they are still in the basement~ Lovely photos.. Was feeling the need for a craft today too.. WIP... : )

Camilla~ Bloom said...

Sounds like fun Michelle.
Please share the results...I want to see what you make.
Love the inspiring photographs.

Nancy said...

i love how crafty you are. something do share the finished products.

Talitha said...

My only "crafting" is food, but I'll be taking a break from kitchen projects this week. I've got plenty lined up for next week! :) I look forward to seeing your finished products!

Kelly said...

I really like your stuff Michelle-hope you'll share pictures of what you've created! When we finally move to a HOME rather than just a house, I want to get something special from you.

Laura at By the Bushel said...

Your picture collage inspired me so. I kept it up all day, on my screen. I've had some rather challenging days of late, no serious things, just haven't felt like crafting, sewing, cooking, ... 'dry'.
I really loved the picts, & it made me want to be who I am again, pick up the pieces and just jump back in. Thanks for sharing...
blessings, Laura