Monday, April 7, 2014

just a lot.

It's been a busy, busy week or so around here...

  • Seth headed back to SLO. It was nice having him home. It's always good to have us all under one roof. 
  • To ease our heavy hearts after he headed back, Chris and Ian and I headed to Mt. Diablo for a hike. It was amazing and I showed some fears who was boss when I climbed this.
  • I started a new bible study last week. 
  • I've been work, work, working, of course. 
  • Friday night I took my mom to our school musical...we went to dinner first with a friend from work and her family then headed to the show. It was a nice evening...
  • Saturday I got up early and headed to a women's conference...a friend and her church hosted a Priscilla Shirer simulcast and it was good. Really good. I needed that, for sure.
  • My heart has been heavy the past couple of days...five local teens got in a terrible car accident Saturday evening...two died and three are in critical condition. So, so sad.
  • Also making my heart heavy is the fact that Reggie isn't doing so great these days...I know the time is coming, soon. It's just such a hard decision to make. 
Sometimes there's so much to say you just don't know where to start, ya know? 

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Denise said...

I am so so proud of you for that hike and what you climbed - maybe I'm jealous too!!

And, you have been a busy girl.
Happy Tuesday friend :)