Sunday, August 25, 2013

it might be a little quiet around here...

Working full-time sure puts a damper on the ol' blog life, doesn't it? By the time I get off work, run an errand, change clothes, feed animals, check email, water gardens, think about something for dinner, think about just buying dinner, crunch numbers in my head then settle on fish sticks and mac and cheese for dinner...then there's clean-up and maybe a load of laundry, a quick vacuum or dust, maybe a wipe down of the bathroom...when I finally sit down I am ti-red. And not feeling particularly chatty.

All that being is good. My job is good. My coworkers are good. Chris is enjoying his job. Ian is off to a good start at school. All is well for the most part...I can't complain.

It's times like these...when I'm busy...that I get inside my head and just sort of stay there for a while. The time is coming to take Seth to college soon and we need to start getting ready for that. Turns out he'll be in an apartment and not a dorm so that changes things a bit...more prep, more setting up house, different meal plans and more required for him to be able to feed himself.

It's a lot to think about...and plan the midst of working, working, working. But we'll get it done...we always do. Everything will come together. And should a snag arise, we'll deal with it. It's all gonna work out...

(At least that's what I keep telling myself.)

How are you? Are you still out there? I wouldn't blame you if you passed on by...this blog has certainly changed as of late. When it started I was just learning about self-sufficiency and simpler living. But it seems that life has become less simple rather than more and I am having to adapt to it all. I'm buying convenience foods full of chemicals for the sake of ease...what can I say? Sometimes that is simplicity. The "simple life" isn't so simple, after all... But making a packaged rice to serve alongside some frozen fish sticks is... it turns out...this blog is just about life and all of the twists and turns life changes, situations change, we change...and so the day to day changes with it. And really, I'm OK with that.

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Denise said...

i'm hearing you Michelle and it is okay.