Friday, December 21, 2012


How are you doing? Almost ready? I am. Almost.

It's raining today. I'll be heading up to Folsom for a wrestling tournament all day...I gotta say, wrestling is growing on me.

I will take my list and check it twice (or five times). And then I will make a new list...of everything left to do and buy and make. And then I will fold them ALL up together (why I don't replace the lists, I don't know...but I never do) and rummage through them all each time I pull them out.

I will take a Sudoku book. I don't leave home without one. I do them while waiting in parking lots for practices to end.

And I will take my camera. Trying to get better at taking it with me more often...wherever I go.

So, I was standing in line at a store yesterday, finding myself getting very frustrated, hot, irritated. (Have I ever discussed my anger issues here? Ahem...anyway...)

I was standing in line. My feet hurt. My back hurt. Everyone was moving too slow for my liking. I was huffing and puffing and rolling my eyes. (Mom knows this side of me all too with me is FUN. Right mom? Right?)

My temperature continued to rise when I stopped and thought to myself, "What are you getting so worked up about? It's Christmas. The lines will be long. You will have to wait. You will have to be patient with the old man buying lots of $20 gift cards. You will have to be patient with the woman assisting him who couldn't speak very good English but who has a heckuva lot more patience than you do. Why not just enjoy this down time? Why not just enjoy the fact that you don't have to move and run and scuffle and chase?"

I took a deep breath, released the tension in my shoulders and turned to the family behind me, the one with the fussy baby (that wasn't helping with my rise in temperature only moments earlier) and asked, "Are we having fun yet?" And we all laughed...kinda hard.

Enjoy your matter what. xo


rhondajo said...

Thank you for this post. We all are going through this at this time of year. Before I go out, I brace myself. I tell myself ahead of time, "There will be long lines", and I arm myself with patience, so much patience that I didn't even KNOW that I had so much patience. Today there were lots of really long lines, and a very short line. Well, the very short line turned out to be a couple who looked like they were preparing for the Apocalypse. I knew I was in for a wait, but I came prepared for it. When they were almost done, the woman came to me and said so kindly, "If I had known you only had that many items, I would have let you go ahead of me". I said "Oh, no problem, I came prepared to wait, I came with patience." She gave me the biggest smile..

Ellen said...

What is that at the top of your blog it is orange and small? It looks like a small pumpkin? Ellen from Georgia