Tuesday, January 4, 2011

so far...

local free-range chicken farm located near my home.
 Day 4 of 2011...already? We wait and wait and wait for something...we anticipate and plan and dream...and then *like that* it's here and gone and...life goes on.

So far this year I have..
  • taken down the tree and all the trimmings. I usually cannot WAIT to get our Christmas tree out of here. My house is small. A tree is large. And it tends to make the house feel claustrophobic. So come December 26...it's usually outta here. But not this year. This year our tree was small. The lights were pretty. And I really didn't even want to take it down today. But I did. It was time. I'll miss it though...and that's a first.
  • signed up for a free online herbal class...SO excited about it and loving it so far.
  • enjoyed a conversation with the owner of the used book store today. She encouraged me to be a part of our local Slow Food chapter. I sent an email to the gal in charge, who, by the way,  I used to babysit for! I haven't heard back as of yet...but I think as long as you pay an annual fee, you're in.
  • Took two bags of goods to the thrift store yesterday...and promptly pulled around to the front of the building, parked my car, and went inside. Yes. To shop. And yes. I found a few things. (Slowly making the switch to glass storage rather than plastic...I found a huge storage jar, some little jars for my new herbal remedies and two boxes of quart size canning jars. Not to mention a cute basket with leather handles. I got outta there for under $15.)
Hmm...why did all of that feel like so much more? I think maybe the herbal class alone makes me feel accomplished since it's on The List and it's something I've been wanting to DO for a long time...but was intimidated by so have only been reading about. Signing up for it was definitely a step in the right direction. And that forward movement feels big...and good.

Oh...another thing I was excited about was working up the nerve to try Miso. I've been curious about it for some time now. I'm not sure why Miso was so intimidating to me...but it was. But, in perfect timing with my whole DO theme, the herb class instructor mentioned Miso in one of his lessons. I took that as my cue to finally give it a try. So today I went to the store...and I searched high and low until I found the Miso. But...I never did find the Miso. So I had to ask someone...and he took me right to it. There it was...right on a shelf I had stood looking at for at least 5 minutes. I was looking for a jar. It came in a resealable bag. But just think...next time I need Miso, I will know RIGHT where to go to get it. Nice.

Finally, I bought the Miso, and an organic chicken, and some chamomile tea (for my class) and a ginger beer. Then I came home and promptly made some Miso soup for my lunch. I think I feel healthier. :)

(Not sure what Miso is? Neither was I. Go here to read all about it!)


Amy @ Homestead Revival said...

An herbal class online? How fun!!! Can you share a link?

Yesterday was my first day without sugar since the holidays and boy was I crabby!! But two or three days of walking outside and now eating better... I feel like a new woman! Don't let anyone kid you... sugar is addicting AND it does terrible things to one's body!

dmoms said...

yes, share the link! I love this blog post of what you have done so far! Good Job. I think we should do a monthly update or weekly even. And, miso soup - good for you!!

Mavis said...

Thrift stores are the best place to find canning jars! Good Job :)

Kelly said...

I'd love the link to the class too! How'd you manage to do so much already??