Monday, July 5, 2010

a different kind of week.

My kids are gone at church camp this week. For the whole week. Both of them. We sent them off yesterday directly after church...they piled in the pastor's 12-passenger van with a group of other kids from our new church and off they went. Keep them in your prayers this week, won't you? And me, too, please. I'm more anxious than I thought I'd be about them being gone! Such a nervous Nelly mom. I know they're going to have a blast...they're at one of the best camps around. God is good...and I know He's going to touch their hearts this week. top off the "empty nest" syndrome going on here this week, Chris went to do a job in another town this morning and decided to stay the night at his dad's rather than commuting back home. So he'll be gone tonight, too!! For today and tomorrow it will be just me. How weird is that? It hasn't been just me for over 15 years! I almost don't know what to do with myself! can rest assured I'll figure something out...

  • homework.
  • And cleaning the boys' rooms. Wash bedding, dust, gather trash. (Wish me luck on that one!)
  • Scrub the tub with a cleaning tip my friend gave me...Comet spray, let sit, scrub with a brush, finish off with Soft Scrub. Sounds easy enough!
  • get that pedicure I've been waiting for using the gift certificate I got on Mother's Day! And trust me, these puppies NEED it!
  • return the Red Box movie. Have you done this yet? Red Box? It's a DOLLAR to watch a movie! It was kind of cool. I'll admit...I will miss video stores. I'm not liking how automated we are becoming. It's scary to me. But for now, I'll appreciate the convenience.
There's more. But Adult ADD kicked in and now I'm bored with bullet-points. This time will fly by so I better get going. I've gotta get the boys' bedding in the washer...I think I'll dry them in the sun. Sounds good, eh?

Have a great day my good to yourself. Stop and take a few minutes to breathe some deep close your eyes and think on something good. Read your Word...write in your journal. Don't keep a journal? Start one. You won't regret it.

And just because...

The LORD is my strength and my shield;
my heart trusts in him, and I am helped.
My heart leaps for joy
and I will give thanks to him in song.
~Psalm 28:7


You Can Call Me Jane said...

Thank you for the reminder to breathe. I cannot imagine being alone in my house for two days. Enjoy the quiet for me, will you:-)?

Unknown said...

Enjoy your two days on uninterrupted time! It will make their return home that much sweeter cause you'll all have missed and appreciated each other!

Did the boys go to H_ _ _? (I don't want to announce in to the world! I figure if they did, you'll know what I"m talking about). Our group just got back Saturday. My girls didn't go this year because of swim team, but maybe next time. It's such a great experience! It changes them forever.

Anonymous said...

enjoy this time. Don't try to do too much. like you said, breathe : )

Nancy said...

you too should close your eyes while you can. i did that earlier today. i also went to the library and picked up some new reading material :)

Unknown said...

My son was gone for a week and I still didn't get his room cleaned! Hope you were able to get it done.

Amy-I think I know which camp you're referring to-our youth go every summer.

Tia said...

I know its hard not to take care of home and family, especially when they are not "in the way" :-D.
But I agree with the others spend the majority of the time with a whole lot of You time. You deserve it. And my prayers are with you all as you are in separate directions. God Bless!