Friday, October 3, 2008

A gardener is born.

Two weeks...and before I know it time has gotten away from me.
Winter is's in the air. I'm ready. Nothing better than rain and gray skies! The only down side of winter is not being able to garden. But I'll just do like the other gardeners do and PLAN, PLAN, PLAN! I've got my stacks of catalogs and garden books and graph paper and colored pencils at the ready...just waiting for that dreary, rainy day that I can stay in my jammies and design away. Admittedly, this may be my favorite part...what can I say? I'm a dreamer!
This past summer was my first real attempt at gardening. I dabbled in the past but was never really serious about it. I've always loved digging in the dirt...that's thanks to my grandmother. When I was younger I'd stay with her for a week or two during the summers. She loved to off we'd go. One summer she bought me five little .49 cent, 4-inch potted plants. I was in heaven. My love of gardening was born. For my birthday that following year she bought me a book about growing houseplants and a set of miniature gardening tools, complete with a glass mister. I think it was my 10th birthday...I felt so mature!
Fast forward 30 years...and my love of plants and gardening remains. (Further maturity is questionable! Sometimes I still FEEL 10!) I will admit, my green thumb in the houseplant department is lacking. Or maybe it's just the lack of good, bright light in my dark little hovel of a house. I don't know. Either way...the love of plants and gardening has evolved to fulfill my desire to feed my family good, organic food and my desire to work toward a more self-sustained lifestyle. It's interesting to trace back to the origins of see where it all started and why. And I'm so glad that it started with my grandmother. I will always consider her when I'm digging in the dirt and encouraging things to grow...we will always have that link. I love that she birthed that in me...that we will always have that connection...even after she's gone. Thank you, Noni. xo
(amazing photo by Shaun O'Boyle...I LOVE his photography)

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Beth said...

((SIGH)) I'm there with you. It's sad for me to go out to my garden and see things finishing up. I planted some spinach and lettuce for a fall harvest, but that's all that's left! I did buy my greenhouse tho, it should arrive in a couple weeks. Perhaps I'll get jiggy with some winter indoor crops? Who knows! :)