Saturday, April 30, 2011

Creative friends...and a GIVEAWAY.

Hand spun art yarn from Magnolia Handspun...try and pick just one!
I tell ya...the Internet sure can be a GOOD thing. I have met so many wonderful, loving, caring, funny and talented people online. The only downside...distance? There are so many of you I would love to be able to call up and say, "Hey...wanna meet for a coffee?" Could you all just move a little closer to me, please? Thanks.

Either way...I wanted to share a few links with you today...links to two beautiful, genuine and creative women I've had the pleasure of corresponding with over the past couple of years.

Have you met Earthmama? Head over to her blog...take a look around, see what she's up to, read her thoughtful words. And read a recent interview she did with Camilla from Magnolia Handspun. Great interview...gorgeous never know what's possible...until you try.

Oh...and there's also a GIVEAWAY! Head on over for a chance to win some amazing art yarn!

Good luck!

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